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ScubaRox is not your normal dive centre. Not only do we deliver top quality SCUBA training, we also believe that a dive shop can be a force for positive change. That's why you'll find us striving to make an impact, every single day. From the 100% biodegradable soap you find in our showers, to the conservation and community development programs we undertake, we're committed to our ocean planet in every way. 

Founded by two instructors with big dreams and bigger hearts, we are proud to be offer a full range of SCUBA training, including PADI GoPro and TecRec course, as well as a fun diving schedule that dreams are made of. We can take you from your first breath underwater to becoming an experienced technical diver, or an instructor with the ocean as your office.

We don’t do monthly or weekly beach clean ups (well, sometimes we do), but instead we strive to constantly minimize our impact on the environment. You will not see fish feeding on our boats or divers holding, or even touching the reef.

We hold ourselves to European standards when it comes to the quality of our training and especially safety. You will find that we are well prepared to deal with most kinds of diving emergencies.

Finally we are not macho divers with the attitude of a bully. Yes we do technical diving and some of us like to dive deep with lots of tanks, however we also like the shallow reefs, both diving and snorkelling. Here we are a family and you will notice this the moment you step into the door until the time you decide to leave us for other adventures.










Malapascua Island

Cebu, The Philippines



Mon - Sunday: 4am - 7pm

On beautiful Malapascua Island, Philippines.



ScubaRox is located on Malapascua Island, just off the north tip of Cebu. The whole island is about 2km by ½ km, and you can walk around it in 1-2 hours. Total population is around 4000. 

The name Malapascua means 'Bad Christmas' in Cebuano. Legend has it that it was so named because the Spanish first landed here one stormy Christmas Day in the 1500's. There is some debate about the name because although 'mal' definitely means 'bad,' 'pasco' means Christmas in the local language of Cebuano but 'pascua' in Spanish means Easter. So perhaps it was a stormy Easter after all.

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